Life Coach App

Our Mission

It's really simple.

Our mission is to empower users to achieve a well-balanced life by offering AI-driven insights into the various aspects of their lives: physical, mental, social, financial, spiritual, and environmental health.

Mosaic Life is different because you get to provide input and use the power of AI to experience intelligent learning and adaptive guidance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where people understand and address their needs as a whole person, leading to healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

We understand circumstances are complex and many times we try to address the different aspects of their lives separately.

With Mosaic Life, fulfilling your dreams is literally in your hands. It’s the life coach you need on demand and in your pocket.

Our Values

We believe that true wellness is achieved when all aspects of your life are in harmony.

We believe that technology should enhance the quality of your life.

Mosaic is the powerful NEW path towards personal self-improvement.

By leveraging AI technology, Mosaic Life can identify patterns and recommend actionable steps for users to create their "life mosaic."

Our Experience

Meet the Team: Jim and Teresa

Teresa Younkin and Jim Younkin, the dynamic duo behind Mosaic Life, are on a mission to transform personal development.

Through their work with Mosaic Life, Jim and Teresa are not just creating an app — they are shaping the future of personal development.

Both are visionary leaders with extensive experience in healthcare and technology.

The company's inception was driven by their passion for holistic wellness and desire to leverage technology to create a platform for users to understand their overall health and well-being.

The management team includes Teresa Younkin as Chief Executive Officer and Jim Younkin as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare, technology, and business development.

They're harnessing the power of AI to create a game-changing platform that addresses your personal growth in a truly holistic way.

Teresa holds a Masters in Health Informatics, and is a Harvard trained Leadership Coach. Her career consists in roles as a seasoned Product Manager, and is known as a healthcare IT expert and a trailblazer in the industry. She's honed her expertise by leading the development of several FHIR-based applications, and her passion for healthcare equity is evident in her advisory role to startups in the health IT space. She has also served as adjunct faculty at several universities teaching Health Informatics and SQL programming.

She's not just an accomplished professional but also a thought leader who uses her LinkedIn webcast to illuminate topics like women in health IT, Web 3.0, data interoperability, and of course the use of AI and Machine Learning in the business setting.

Jim Younkin, holds an MBA for The Fox School of Business an authority on emerging technologies, comes with an impressive background in healthcare IT. Jim has served as the Chief Information Officer at a Community Hospital, to Chief Technology Officer, to leading the efforts to build one of the nations first Health Information Exchanges, and being known for his strategic vision of data exchange, Jim's journey is marked by leadership and innovation.

His book and course, "Beer & Pretzels Crypto Basics," showcase Jim's unique ability to demystify complex technology like blockchain.

Jim's familiarity with cutting-edge technology is instrumental in shaping the platform.

He's a visionary who knows how to leverage the potential of emerging technologies to create solutions that make a real difference for others.

With Mosaic Life, the team is expanding access to personalized coaching to those who may not want to engage long term coaching contracts or those who want some guidance in achieving a specific goal.

By integrating AI into the personal development process, they're helping users define and prioritize their goals, stay on track with actionable steps, and adapt their plans based on their achievements and evolving goals.

Mosaic Life is a tool that fits seamlessly into users' lives, providing guidance and support whenever they need it. By harnessing the power of AI, Mosaic Life is helping users unlock their full potential and move forward in their lives with momentum.

Jim and Teresa's focus remains on its mission: to empower users to take charge of their personal development and experience the transformative power of AI.

They continue to innovate, looking for ways to further enhance the app and its ability to support users on their path to self-improvement.

Jim and Teresa's story is a testament to the power of technology in driving personal and societal change.

Through their work with Mosaic Life, Jim and Teresa are not just creating an app — they are shaping the future of personal development.

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